acum 5 ani
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Change the sentences into indirect speech. use the words given in brackets. 1. i must say it, i can’t keep it to myself. (to cry out) 2. martha, put the chain back on the door. (to insist) 3. wait till i ring and tell martha to make a cocktail. (to ask) 4. martha, is the chain on the door? don’t open it for anyone. (to inquire, to order) 5. i do hope, i haven’t kept you waiting long. (to explain) 6. mrs. brown never says anything and even what she says is so ordinary. (to remark, to continue) 7. that’s not the kind of thing you pay to hear. (to point out) 8. you must excuse my being so brainless, i’m not really brainless, it’s just the excitement. (to remark) 9. oh, thank you, martha, put them down here beside the others. (to tell) 10. is that some one at the door? — don’t take the chain off it, gracious — don’t let any one in, martha. (to be anxious to know, to implore) 11. i’ve just had such an exciting experience. (to explain) 12. royal festival hall was built for the 1951 festival of britain. (to add)